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Welcome to the AME Church Healthcare Shop provided by the International Health Commission of the AME Church - in collaboration with NorthStar AED, a Philips Premier Platinum Distributor since 1999. Use our online shop to conveniently purchase lifesaving AEDs and AED accessories at discounted prices from a knowledgeable and reliable provider with exceptional customer service.

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Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Church Package with SmartLink
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Bring emergency preparedness and peace-of-mind to the congregation with the OnSite AED Church Package, provided by NorthStarAED.

The OnSite AED offers first-class emergency defibrillation in a package that is easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, and easy-to-train.

Package includes:
  • HeartStart OnSite AED with Slim Carry Case
  • Wall-mounted Surface Cabinet with Alarm
  • AED Wall Sign
  • NorthStar Fast Response Kit
  • Manual/DVD
  • AED Check Tags
  • Pad & Battery Reminders
  • SmartLink remote monitoring capable (subscription required)
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Newly installed AED saves pastor's life Then he said, 'do you have an AED on site?' and I said, 'yes!' 3-19-2016 · Regina · Saskatchewan

Rev. Laura Sundberg of St. James United Church remembers Dec. 23 like it was yesterday.

"Diane, my coworker, had been setting up the sanctuary with a member of the congregation to get ready for the Christmas Eve service," Sundberg recalls. "I don't have any memory of any of it," Diane Robinson, a minister on staff at St. James United Church said. "She said I kept saying I was dizzy. Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy. She suggested that we go into my office and just kind of sit and centre ourselves and relax." After a few moments, Robinson put her head down on her desk and passed out. Sundberg quickly sprung into action. "I felt her chest beating really, really fast," she said.

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Retired minister has reason to appreciate the AED His deal was, if it saves one life, it's well worth the money 4-01-2014 · Blue Springs · Missouri

When fellow members at his Blue Springs church began debating last year whether to buy one of those battery-powered devices that can save a heart attack victim's life, retired minister Howard Campbell pushed hard for it. "His deal was, if it saves one life, it's well worth the money," Campbell's wife, Jean, recalled Tuesday. "Little did he know he would be the one it would be used on." Now, seven weeks after church members actually saved Howard Campbell's life with the machine, he is spreading the message:

All churches, senior centers, restaurants and other places that serve older people should have an automated external defibrillator, better known as an AED.

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Introducing SmartLink, a revolutionary automatic remote-monitoring system

SmartLink is a remote monitoring system for Philips HeartStart OnSite AEDs that performs a daily AED status check. If the AED fails the daily self test, you will receive a notification that your AED needs attention.

SmartLink is an easy, cost effective way to give you peace of mind your AEDs are working without someone having to physically check them every day.

How will SmartLink improve your AED program?
  • Constant monitoring ensures your AED is always ready to save a life if you need it.
  • Limits possible liability from having an unmaintained AED.
  • Gives peace of mind -- this is an AED maintenance program that never takes a day off.
  • Offers immediate access to AED data.

Learn more about SmartLink by Medic Assist
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